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Jul 18

Maven 2 Release Plugin SNAFU

Me: Maven 2 needs a “I know you have a dryRun=true option and I used it, but release:prepare still fucked up, and i’ld like to to revert all the versions back to snapshot versions so I can try again, please” command.

Fuseboy: “mvn -ikyhadrtoaiuibrpsfuailtratvbtsvsictap”

Nov 20

Nov 18

Nov 17

Nov 17

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Nov 9
“I think that by definition there will always be more average programmers.” Ola Bini, responding to the idea that there are more bad and average programmers than good programmers

Nov 9


My evening last night was pre-allocated so I didn’t get a chance to attend the Werewolf game; now that I’ve read a little bit about it, it sounds like it would have been fun, I wish I’d had some time free to check it out.

Nov 9

Rails Panel Attendance

I’ve been hanging out in the Architectures you Always Wanted to Know About track all day, but i’ve popped upstairs to see the When is Rails an Appropriate Choice session.

The track host says this the the most traffic this track has seen all day. Considering there are thirty people in the room, massively lower than the architectural track, that’s a little disconcerting.

I wonder how many were in attendance at the rest of the Rails sessions, and whether this indicates the popularity of Rails or simply that some of the other tracks were more compelling. I like Rails well enough, but the Architectural track was a strong draw with a couple really interesting sessions.

Nov 9

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